More things I saw at the art show. Sigh. Was I that stupid when I was a teenager? Yes, but I don't feel too bad, because I hated myself as a teen. Hell, I hate myself now...but that's another post. Of couse, as a teen, I had an undeserved sense of entitlement...but I never got anything...and I mean anything, so that always kept me humble...and down.

Ahem, back to the art show, I remember a time before stores like Hot Topic, when no one knew what a porkpie was, and your average juggalo didn't have access to bondage pants. Do juggalos wear bondage pants? You know, I just don't give a crap about their turdy subculture to care. Whatever.

It's a man's hat, you dingy girl!

This is me being a jerk, have something to say? Get yer own blog.

...end transmission.