Public School

Failed American public school system' is actually what he said.

So, first things first, I have nothing but respect and adoration for Olivia Munn...and I hope anyone who reads this knows that I mean no disrespect. That being said, yeah, she's a cutie. This also is one of the few MVH strips that can be considered PG-13, and I still am having issues with the moving towards the way teenagers really talk. I mean, most of the students at MVH are not really teenagers anyway...think dog years.

Second, there is a significant amount of time that passes from Wednesday's strip...but don't worry, the actual punishment arc will be collected in the first collection of ROBOT BULLY strips...wait for be in print! That's right, later this year we will see a ROBOT BULLY book...with some strips here online and lots of strips never seen. Hooray!

I hope you are enjoying these comics and continue to read them. I do this because I love comics and would find any way to make them. Thanksalot.

...end transmission.