Happy Birthday!

That's right, blowholes! ROBOT BULLY is 2 effin' years old as of June 25th!...and I'm still not making any money off it! What's wrong with you people?! I know, that's not what it's about. Because, what it is about is me needing to created these comics, me needing a creative outlet...or I explode in a rage fueled...explosion.

So, there are about three inside jokes in this comic, and the rest is just funny and true. Good riddance to the truly evil people...mainstream musicians and ex-wives (or girlfriends).

...and these kids from Texas that Mims is tracking down can be found here...


So, drink some beer, go through and read the archives, and tell your friends about ROBOT BULLY! Later, blowholes, I will catch you laters! I will keep doing this for as long as I can, because I don't know how to do anything else...no really...nothing. Thanks!