So, today finds me at a very strange place. I don't know about you, but I am digging the story so is the biggest thing I have ever done. (Which is kinda sad. Ha ha!) I hope you like it. I am going to be pushing these characters to a few new places and it most likely get uncomfortable. Let's see what happens. You also may have noticed, that the last two posts were late. This is due to my poor health. When it came time in my schedule to sit down and work on RB, I simply couldn't. This is something that seriously bothers me. I have a day job, responsibilities at home, and I cannot draw whenever I want (I am working to change this, BTW!), so when the time comes for RobotBullying, I need to do it. Anyway, I was simply at a point, that I couldn't. So, those of you who look forward to Thursdays, I apologize. I have seen some really bad things this week. I have also seen the rewards of being devoted to your craft. So, again, a really strange place for me. I don't know if I should cheer the rising sun or just roll my eyes. My girlfriend tells me I should not be so negative when I post. I swear, I'm not. So, tomorrow, I will cheer the rising sun and make the most of the day! I will not, however, expose myself to the sun. Be safe, and long live the Users!