Don't Call Him Chico!

Greetings Programs!

New year, new me...actually, it's the same old me...along with a series of carefully placed mirrors and lights I set up before you got here.

There have been a lot of crazy things happening. Things that will come to light as the months progress. I feel that I have grown as an artist, dealing with good and bad events that would have crushed a lesser man. Crom!

The main thing is that I get back into updating these comics again. I miss it. I'm not a happy person unless I get to do these, and man, 2012 was not a good year-but more on that later. The important thing is that we are here, together, and we're happy.

If you are wondering, the story just picks up where we last left our heroes...back in March! I'm so ashamed! So, go back and start this monstrous arc over and look for updates every Friday!

Thanks for being part of this journey with me and allowing me to waste your time! John

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